Equinox Theatre Company Announces Auditions for the Regional Premiere of:
Bubble Boy: The Musical
Directed by Colin Roybal
Music Direction by Adam White
Book by Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio
Music and lyrics by Cinco Paul
Based on the film Bubble Boy

Equinox Theatre Company is excited to announce open auditions for the first show of its 12th season – The Regional Premiere of Bubble Boy:  The Musical. Auditions will be held November 2nd from 11 AM to 2 PM at The Bug Theater, 3654 Navajo Street in Denver. Callbacks will be held November 3rd from 6 PM to 10 PM also at the Bug Theatre

Performances will be January 24 through February 15, 2020 on Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:30 PM. There will also be one industry night TBD. Rehearsals will begin right away and will be held at The Bug Theatre with some rehearsals off-site at a church near Evans and University in Denver.  

This is a non-equity production; a small stipend is paid at the end of the run.
Please note – you must be over 18 to audition for this production.

16 to 32 bars of a song in similar style to the show. No CDs or A Capella auditions, an accompanist will be provided. Please bring your headshot and resume along with all your conflicts through February 15, 2020.  

About the show: Jimmy Livingston was born without immunities and has spent his entire life confined inside a plastic bubble room. Enter Chloe, the girl next door, who becomes his friend and steals his heart. When she leaves town to get married, Jimmy travels cross-country in a homemade bubble suit in order to stop the wedding and finally tell her how he feels. Along the laugh-filled journey he deals with a crazy cult, a biker gang, a dead cow, and a controlling mother who will stop at nothing to get him back in the bubble.

Seeking diverse actors of all types over the age of 18 to play the following roles:

Little Jimmy/Jimmy Livingston, Age 18 – 22: The Bubble Boy. Always believes the best in people. Has a youthful curiosity about the world. Possesses great inner strength. Tenor.

Mrs. Livingston, Age 40 – 60: Jimmy’s mom. She is willing to do anything to keep her son safe and maintain the status quo. Lives inside her own “bubble” of “alternative facts.” Mezzo soprano.

Mr. Livingston/Gil, Age 40 – 60: Dual cast role. Jimmy’s dad, doesn’t speak until the very end. Loves his wife, but also wants what is best for his son, which is why he usually chooses to stay silent. Gil is the Leader of the Bright and Shiny cult

Chloe Molinsksi, Age 18 – 22: a tough girl who masks an inner vulnerability. Doesn’t have a family support system and so tries her best to get through the world on her own. Mezzo soprano.

Mark, Age 18 – 22: Chloe’s boyfriend and eventual fiancée; thinks he’s cooler than he is; a wannabe rocker. Should be able to sing in ‘80’s’ rock style.

Lorraine, Age 18 -22: Leader of her branch of the Bright and Shiny cult. Believes in the Movement intensely and is usually excellent at recruiting people. Soprano

Pushpahp, Age 30 – 50: A small business owner. A person of great faith and ambition who is a practicing Hindu. Male or Female identifying. Ethnicity: Asian, Ethnically Ambiguous / Multiracial, Middle Eastern, South Asian / Indian, Southeast Asian / Pacific Islander

Slim, Age 18 – 22: Head of a biker gang. Slim has lived on the outskirts of society for a long time. Has seen a lot of disappointment in her/his life, but still has big dreams and wants to help Jimmy accomplish his. Baritone. Male or Female identifying. Ethnicity: Latinx

Shawn, Age 18 – 22: Mark’s best friend, dreams of being a rock god. Genuinely thinks Mark is genius, but is pretty unsure of himself. Tenor. 

3M and 3F Ensemble to play multiple roles, Ages 18 – 40