Equinox Theatre Company, The Season is Changing...


Equinox Theatre Company announces auditions for
Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical
Adapted by Erica Schmidt, Music by Andrew Sherman, Conceived by Susan L. Schwartz
Directed by Deb Flomberg

Equinox Theatre Company announces auditions for the first show of its 7th season. Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical will run at the Bug Theatre from February 13 through March 7. Performances will be Friday and Saturday evening at 7:30 PM with one Industry night TBD. Rehearsals will be evenings and some weekends, with a schedule to be determined based on cast availability. A tentative schedule will be made available at auditions.

About the Auditions:

Auditions will be held Monday, November 17 from 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Callbacks will be held Wednesday, November 19 from 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM. There will be a dance call at the callbacks.

Auditions will be at
The Bug Theatre

3654 Navajo Street

  • Please prepare 16 – 32 bars of a song in similar style to the show. An accompanist will be provided. Please no a cappella or CD auditions.
  • While the women in this show play high school students, all actors must be over the age of 18.
  • Please bring a headshot and resume.
  • This is a non-equity position, though a stipend may be available at the end of the run
  • Seeking 5 W and 3 – 8 M

DEBBIE BENTON – Captain of the cheerleaders. Small-town girl with big city dreams. Blonde bombshell, squeaky-clean, but underneath a closet existentialist. Friendly, nonjudgmental, a little dim, but driven. Must cheer as well.

LISA – Cheerleader. The bad girl we love to hate. Manipulative and sneaky, but a “hooker with a heart of gold”. Sets goals and achieves them – just doesn’t aim very high. Must cheer.

ROBERTA – Cheerleader. The spacey one. Lives in her own bubble and is all about the fun. Best friends with Lisa, but also very loyal to Debbie. Has a lot of sex, and enjoys it. A LOT. Should dance and cheer well.

DONNA – Cheerleader. The semi-gothy, dark angel of the team, but with a very romantic streak. Experiments with sex, but afraid of what her friends and parents would think. Favorite Poet: Sylvia Plath, but Favorite Movie: Titanic. Should dance and cheer well.

TAMMY – Cheerleader. The smart one. Senatorial prospects. Role models now would probably be Hilary Clinton, Condoleeza Rice, Madonna and Lady Gaga. Her wisecracks usually go over the heads of the other girls. She does her part, but she is the only one to remain a virgin. Should dance and cheer well.

We will be casting 3 to 8 Men to play the following roles:

RICK – The quarterback, captain of the football team, and Debbie’s boyfriend. Has a solo.
HAMILTON – Rich, young tennis pro.
BIGTIME – Owner of the Dallas Cowboys, appears in a fantasy
MR. GREENFELT – Owns the local sports good shop, A gentleman, but REALLY wants in Debbie’s pants.
MR. BIDDLE – High-school librarian; repressed, with darker fantasies about Donna
KEVIN – Football player. RICK’S friend. Typical jock.
MR. HARDWICK – Owns the candle shop. A swinger, but kinda Mr. Rogers-ish. Has a solo.
SR. BRADLEY – High school Spanish teacher, but the kind who hires young girls to wash his car in the rain while his wife’s gone. Chooses to speak only Spanish.
ASHLEY – Friends with tennis pro, HAMILTON, but challenged when it comes to girls.
NICK – College boy who works at the record store. Vintage Vinyl type of “know-it-all-ness”.
JOHNNY – Football player. Tight End.
TIM – Football player. Shy, but is DONNA’S boyfriend.

About the show:
The most important theatrical event of the 21st century, Debbie Does Dallas is a modern day morality tale (well, as modern as the classic 1970’s adult film on which it is based). It’s a comic musical of tragic proportions, told in the language of the rodeo-porn-football circus. Debbie Benton, All-American small-town sweetheart and captain of the cheerleaders, receives a letter to report to the most important event in her life: auditions for the Dallas Cowgirl cheerleading squad! But, being as poor as she is pretty, she and her high school teammates form Teen Services, a company dedicated to getting menial jobs to raise money to help Debbie reach her lofty goal. When they realize that minimum-wage isn’t going to cut it, they hatch a plan to try their hands at “little favors”, performed with enthusiasm by “good girls”. Accompanied by a hard-rockin’ score featuring such toe-tappers as “Small-Town Girl”, “I Wanna Do Debbie”, “The Dildo Rag”, and “Dallas… I’m Coming”, the girls strive to help Debbie get “ten dollars closer to Dallas” through sex, sweat and tears. But, will Debbie lose her soul along the way?