Be More Chill Callbacks

Below you will find the information for Callbacks for Be More Chill.
Callbacks are Sunday, March 10th at 10 AM at The Bug Theatre.

Please print and bring your own copy of the sides for the callback.

To download the callback sheet music,

Click Here

Cuts are as follows:

Jeremy - More Than Survive m.30-63 AND Voices in my Head m.20-30
Christine - Guy That I'd Kinda Be Into m.5-28
Michael - Michael in the Bathroom m.51-100
Jake - Upgrade m.48-75
Rich - The Squip Song m.64-88, 96-109
Chloe - Do You Wanna Hang m.4-19
Brooke - Be More Chill m. 93-108 + skip to 125-126
Jenna - The Smartphone Hour m.40-79
Dad/Reyes - The Pants Song m.15-45
Squip - The Pitiful Children m.2-32

The callback list is as follows:
Aaron Szindler
Abraham Guzman-Garcia
Allie Boom
Alysha Rowzee
Andrew Alber
Annalea Flynn
Aynsley Upton
Brian WIlcox
Cam Leonard
Camryn Torres
Carter Novinger
Cassie Williams
Cody Schmitt
David Kouts
Derek Helsing
Elizabeth Williamson
Elton Tanega
Emily Ebertz
Hugh Butterfield
Jane Simonds
Jordyn Lee
Josh Leisure
Julia Wolfe
Katie Burdette
Kaylyn Buehler
Kellen Smith
Kelly Bidstrup Graham
Lauren RussellLacey Eberl
Mallory Holt
Michaela Lamb

Michaela Murray

Mike Martinkus
Nick James
Nick Johnson
Preston Adams
Rachel McCullough
Ryan Finn
Sage Alberto
Sam Britz
Samantha Cox
Solveig Swanson
Sophia Johnson-Grimes
Sophie Vail
Terra Leann Salazar
Willa Bograd
William Holmes
Zach Vaughn