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Equinox Theatre Company Proudly Announces their 2014 season
Equinox 2014: Let the head games begin

Equinox Theatre Company is very proud to be announcing its 6th season. The 2013 season has been a huge hit for Equinox, as it focused in on cult favorites and killer comedy. For 2014 the team at Equinox has decided to show a different side to their artistic choices. In order to do this, Equinox has decided to present five shows with a more serious tone, all of which have some psychological aspect or additional meanings within them. For this exciting sixth season, Equinox will be presenting three plays and two musicals, making this the largest season this company has had to-date.

All performances will be at  The Bug Theatre: 3654 Navajo Street in Denver
Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:30 PM

Playing January 24 through February 15
Kimberly Akimbo
By David Lindsay-Abaire
Directed by Deb Flomberg

Set in the wilds of suburban New Jersey, Kimberly Akimbo is a hilarious and heartrending play about a teenager with a rare condition causing her body to age faster than it should. When she and her family flee Secaucus under dubious circumstances, Kimberly is forced to reevaluate her life while contending with a hypochondriac mother, a rarely sober father, a scam-artist aunt, her own mortality and, most terrifying of all, the possibility of first love.

Playing March 28 through April 19
By Byrony Lavery
Directed by: Colin Roybal

One evening ten-year-old Rhona goes missing. Her mother, Nancy, retreats into a state of frozen hope. Agnetha, an American academic, comes to England to research a thesis: “Serial Killing—A Forgivable Act?” Then there’s Ralph, a loner who’s looking for some distraction. Drawn together by horrific circumstances, these three embark on a long, dark journey which finally curves upward into the light. Angry, humane and compassionate, FROZEN is an extraordinary play that entwines the lives of a murderer, the mother of one of his victims and his psychologist to explore our capacity for forgiveness, remorse and change after an act that would seem to rule them out entirely.

Playing June 27 through July 19
Book by George Furth
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Directed by Colin Roybal

On the night of his 35th birthday, confirmed bachelor Robert contemplates his unmarried state. In vignette after hilarious vignette, we are introduced to “those good and crazy people,” his married friends, as Robert weighs the pros and cons of married life. In the end, he realizes being alone is “alone, not alive.”

 Playing August 29 through September 20
By Tracy Letts
Directed by Patrick Brownson and Deb Flomberg

A lonely cocktail waitress, Agnes, lives in a seedy motel room, hiding form her violent ex-husband Jerry. One night, her lesbian biker friend R.C. Introducers her to Peter, a Gulf War veteran with a mysterious past. Agnes gets involved with Peter, who grows increasingly paranoid about the war in Iraq, UFOs, the Oklahoma City Bombing, cult suicides and supposed secret government experiments on solders – eventually drawing Agnes into his delusions. This deep and intense drama deals with issues of love, paranoia, conspiracy theories and Agnes’ slow decent into insanity under Peter’s influence.

 Playing November 7 through 29
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown
Book by: Jeffrey Lane
Music and Lyrics by David Yazbek
Directed by Colin Roybal and Deb Flomberg

Channeling the burst of energy and freedom in post-Franco Spain, Pedro Almodóvar’s WOMEN ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN was one of the most unusual and exhilarating new films in years. It was nominated for the Oscar for Best Foreign Film, and quickly became not just a classic, but a favorite. Lane and Yazbek, the team behind DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS, took Almodóvar’s tale and infused it with their own wry, comic style and an irresistible Spanish beat. Both touching and hilarious, it’s a story about women and the men who pursue them… finding them, losing them, needing them, and rejecting them. At the center is Pepa whose friends and lovers are blazing a trail through 1980s Madrid. And why do they all keep showing up at her high-rise apartment? Gazpacho anyone?