Great American Trailer Park Callbacks

Below you will find the callback material for The Great American Trailer Park Musical callbacks. If you are called back, please print and bring your own copies of the sides. We will have a few copies available, but if you can bring your own, that will help.

Callbacks will be Sunday, May 26 from 1PM to 3PM
At the Bug Theatre
3654 Navajo St

Click Here for the Music Sides

Click Here for the Reading Sides

Music Cuts:
Betty: Storms A Brewin’ – m7-22 – page 83-84
Lin: This Side of the Tracks – m111-130 – page 7-8
Pickles: Why I Love My Man  – m38-59 -  page 111-113
Trio: Why I Love My Man – m84-96 – page 117-199
Jeannie: Owner of My Heart – m3-21  – page 43-45
Norbert: Owner of My Heart – m23-43 – page 45-47
Pippi: Finale – m15-53 page – 126-128
Duke: Roadkill m84-100 page 103-105

Callback list: (If you are not called back for a part you would like to be considered for, please let Deb know)

Duke: Carter Smith Brad Wagner Zachary Vaughn
Norbert: Zachary Vaughn Mike Moran Trevor Warren
Jeannie: Brooke MacNamara Anna Sturtz Raquel Staves Tracy Denver
Betty: Colin Roybal Anna Sturtz Raquel Staves
Lin: Colin Roybal Kellen Smith Anna Sturtz Denise Taylor
Pickles: Terra Salazar Emry Rockenfield Shelby Taylor Alice Zelenko Anna Collete Simkins Lauren Russell
Pippi: Terra Salazar Lacey Eberl Bussy Gower Shelby Taylor Alice Zelenko Lauren Russell